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What patients say about
our member clinics

When I go there, I feel very comfortable, and I trust the doctors. When I used to go to other clinics, I did not feel comfortable there and I was not able to tell the doctors what was happening with me.


- Latin American parent

She’s very respectful and always asks me and consults with me when making decisions about my children’s health. We understand each other very well. She respects me. For example, we as a community have a lot of misconceptions about vaccination and talk to her about spacing out my children’s vaccines, she agreed. We compromised. She gives me advice. 

- Somali parent

I do have really good experience and relationship with all my providers over there and especially with all the providers that provide care for my children.
- Hmong parent
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People at the clinic are very respectful. They care about their patients even for things that are not major issues. They care about their patients and provide good quality of services.
- Latin American parent
The nurse and the doctor are really good to the kids. They talk to them, and they help move things along so they can get the help that they need.”
- Native American parent
We talked about a boiled cedar when the kids are having a hard time or they are sick. And we boil that and it helps them to breath. The doctor that kids see she is native American and she is from the same reservation I am, so we kind of know what we do for our children.
- Native American parent
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